What Sunbed Cream Is Right For Me?


Not sure what sunbed cream to buy? Don't know your Tingle from your Non-Tingle?!

Don't worry, our guide will help you decide.


Tingle - Tingle sunbed creams enable you to see and feel your skin tanning immediately. Ingredients stimulate the skins micro circulation which increases the oxygen supply to the skin, which helps it's ability to tan. When using a tingle sunbed cream, tanners feel like they have tanned outdoors. Usually a slight redness will occur when using a tingle cream which allows you to see and feel instant results after your sunbed session.

Non-Tingle - Non-Tingle sunbed creams are products with no tingle, bronzers or coolers but still have all the ingredients needed to achieve your desired tanning results. Non-tingle sunbed creams feature the most skin conditioning ingredients. The sunbed lotion will assist your body's tanning process helping to develop your tan naturally.

Bronzers - Bronzer sunbed creams contain natural ingredients which provide instant colour to the skin. The heat from the sunbed combined with the bronzer cream helps the bronzers develop a natural looking fast tan.

Bronzer/Tingle - Simply put, Bronzer/Tingle creams provide you with the benefits of both tingle sunbed cream and bronzer sunbed cream in one product.

Bronzer/Cooler - Bronzer/Cooler sunbed creams offer the benefits of a bronzer cream whilst helping your skin to feel cool.